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Dental problems can range from toothaches and tooth decay to cold sores, abscesses and dental phobias. In these sections, you can learn about causes, treatments and prevention of a variety of dental problems.
Toothaches are a common dental problem, and can occur even if youre diligent about oral care. However, what seems like a toothache is oftentimes mistaken for another condition, trigeminal neuralgia. ome dental problems as bad breath and dry mouth might be symptoms of other serious health problems or systemic diseases.

Bad Breath

Metabolism of plaque bacteria produces organic compounds that cause Bad Breath The problem with people who suffer from halitosis is that they dont know it unless somebody tells them. But others who come close to them certainly know. Cleaning your teeth usually helps but it wont always stop bad breath.

Causes of halitosis / bad breath
Eating foods containing volatile sulfur compounds, like garlic and onions or some spices, is one of the most common causes of temporary halitosis. After these foods are digested, the sulfur compounds are absorbed into the bloodstream, they’re carried to the lungs and exit from the body during exhale, causing bad breath
Other symptoms

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I work at City Bridge Dental Care which is a dentists in southampton and get asked questions on a daily basis, some of which are outlined and answered below.

Myth: White teeth are healthier teeth.
Reality: White teeth look more aesthetically pleasing but teeth aren’t meant to be pure white.
Teeth can be kept clean by daily brushing, flossing and rinsing with mouthwash.
Some whiteners or bleaching agents contain harsh chemicals which can damage teeth if too much is applied or applied to often.

Myth: Only “junk food” and sugars are bad for my teeth.
Reality: Natural sugars and acids are found in many foods which can damage your teeth and gums.
Some of the major contributors to dental decay include: Honey, soft drinks, chocolates, sweets, cakes, biscuits, citrus fruits and dried fruit.
Limiting the intake of these foods and a good oral hygiene routing can prevent any damage they may cause.

Myth: There is no need to brush “baby teeth”.
Reality: Introducing a good dental health routine to young children is good practice for when they fall out. Decay to baby teeth can also lead to damage to the developing crowns of

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There are not many chairs that extract quite as much money as the dental chairs that you sit in to have your tooth extracted from. These chairs have become an experimental testing ground for high technological devices. These chairs have evolved from decorative models to industrial multifunctional units.

These chairs offer comfort for your patient and comfort for you. Dental chairs provide easy access to all the many tools you use in routine exams and procedures. Not only do they offer convenient light positioning for you to be able to see all necessary areas, they also position the patients in a way that is comfortable and reduces stress on the body. Today’s designs of chairs offer all the equipment that can help keep your patients comfy and keep your team healthy, happy, and efficient.

Many models today compete against each other for comfort, range of motion, and the various attachment capabilities. Chairs today are often offered in sales of units. They often include a sink, lighting and a rolling stool for the hygienist or dentist. Electromechanical and hydraulically powered chairs are the most popular types on the market. They each have a different type of engine that makes the

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Smile is probably one of the reasons which make instant impact on other person. A clean and healthy mouth not only looks good but also is important for overall health of your body. With exposure to junk food and aerated drinks in today’s world it is imperative for us to also take the health of our teeth and gums into consideration. The primary reasons for tooth decay and gum disease are mainly plague and calculus. Plague is a white colored deposit that forms on the teeth. This is formed when food and saliva combines with bacteria. Calculus or tartar is formed when plague is hardened and calcified. It is difficult to remove tartar and is usually removed by dentist. So what can we do avoid dental problem? The answer is simple; you just need to inculcate few habits to achieve this. Here are the few things which you can do: Brush your teeth: You should brush your teeth with fluoride containing toothpaste and soft-tufted tooth brush. This has to be done twice a day. You should brush in every area of your mouth, inside and outside. Floss: Flossing is a process of cleaning between the teeth; this is usually done

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Immediately after dental implant medical procedures

The good results rate for Teeth implants is about 98% in case of reduce implants and 91% for upper implants – which is very remarkable. The vast majority of people who have undergone dental implant surgical procedure report feeling considerably greater for a wide variety of explanations including:ng:

Enhanced Look – Get back again your first glance. Dental implants experience & seem the same as your personal teeth. As the implant integrates into the bone framework, it supports your denture.

Saved Teeth – Dental implants positively impression your oral wellbeing. They also causes zero harm to your adjacent teeth, in contrast to a lost or infected tooth. Therefore, it not only replaces your contaminated or missing tooth, but also saves your gums in standard.

Enhanced Self confidence – Get back the self-confidence you lost with the missing tooth. Now you can laugh aloud, chew your favored foods and chat with no feeling embarrassed.

After care of dental implant

San Francisco Cosmetic Dentists believe that that dental implants can last for a lifetime if you take excellent treatment of your teeth. Below are some publish-operative care strategies:

? Consider antibiotics and use an oral rinse for some time as prescribed by your